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Integrative Wellness in the Modern World

Taped during RockTape's "Rockstock 2017" event, our founder Dr. Tim Brown and Wellness Force Radio's Josh Trent interview Dr. Roger Mignosa, Osteopath, Ironman Triathlete, and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist, as he explains how we can recover and heal the body and mind through holistic and integrated wellness.

“True healing calls for an integrated approach to our physical, mental, and emotional wellness.” – Dr. Roger Mignosa

We continue our #StandTall series with this incredible interview focusing on how to stay physically and emotionally aware by tuning into your health from a holistic stance.

This episode covers a rang of topics, listen in to uncover:
  • Why we need to develop a holistic approach to our health and wellness
  • The problem with isolating and treating localized segments of the body
  • Meeting Dr. Tim Brown who helped him recover after addressing his breathing, posture, and deeper physical issues
  • The healing methods and philosophies of traditional vs. integrated medicine
  • Why our breath is crucial for recovery and restoring normal movement patterns
  • The highly connected systems of the body, and why we can't touch one area without affecting another
Listen to the podcast above, right here on IntelliSkin!
November 09, 2017 by Annamara Caughey

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