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We have always been in motion. Not until modern times has the human body spent the majority of its time behind a desk, in a car, or on a couch. Our posture, good or bad, is a direct result of our lifestyle. Our bodies mold to the positions we are in most frequently. Excessive sitting results in tighter chest muscles, which causes your shoulders to rotate forward internally, while underutilized upper back muscles weaken.
Posture has a direct effect on the way we look, feel, and perform, with poor posture being a leading cause of both back and neck pain. 80% of people will suffer from back pain in their lifetime and 50% from neck pain. Bad posture is also a leading cause and main risk factor in many athletic, on-the-job, and active lifestyle injuries.
Posture is where our movements start and finish. Good posture is simply the position and alignment that allows the body to perform at its best. The weight of the head and upper body are balanced and supported by the proper postural muscles and gravity. In contrast, poor posture puts strain on the neck and shoulders causing fatigue and injury.
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When your muscles are balanced they align our bones and decrease stress on our joints creating less wear and tear. This greatly reduces the strain and effort on the body. No matter what sport or activity, core strength comes from postural awareness and training the muscles that support good posture. It’s no coincidence that all sports and fitness pursuits promote balanced posture to optimize movement and performance. 

IntelliSkin is designed to work with your body by cueing its natural ability to support itself in proper alignment.
A 2004 study conducted by the American Medical Athletic Association concluded that athletes who want to optimize their performance should focus on their posture. It doesn’t stop there. In addition to improving performance, the study also concluded that improved posture can alleviate aches and pains, as well as prevent common sports injuries.
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IntelliSkin builds upon the Kinesiology Taping method, which is a rehabilitative taping technique. This technique provides support and stability to muscles and joints. By using highly-engineered fabrics that mimic the effects of taping, our apparel allows for the body’s natural range of motion while providing extended soft tissue manipulation. 

IntelliSkin products have been clinically proven to improve both posture and alignment.
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Beach Volleyball Player
“I extensively trained in my IntelliSkin shirt for the Beijing Olympics. It forces me to square up to the ball, get low and get my legs under me — a solid foundation to pass, serve and optimize my technique.”
“I wear my IntelliSkin shirt under my uniform when shooting The Unit and it helps me maintain perfect military posture. I always wear it during workouts, and it keeps me in alignment so I don’t get injured.”
“I have been wearing the Foundation Shirt 2.0 during my sprint sessions, weight room workouts and bobsled push training. I’m really impressed with how the shirt corrects and supports my posture.”
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