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Meet Malia Henriques

Favorite Things To Experience: 
+ Journaling - She's had a passion for writing since she was little.
+ Writing Short and Long Stories/Books - Enjoys the stories and plot twists of horror and thrillers
+ Singing - Loves indie/rock. Some of her favorite artists include The Neighborhood, Fleetwood Mac, & Billy Joel
+ Exercise - Enjoys running
"I run and journal to keep my mental health in check. It's allowed for me to feel happier and better. Stand Tall means believing in yourself and continuing on even during hard times. It means keep going because you don't know what's around the corner."


Meet Eliana Henriques

Favorite Things To Experience: 
+ Track and Long Jump - Her favorite is the 400 meter event.
+ Draw and Color
+ Chill With Friends
+ Plan and Organize
"I love to run the 400 meters in track because it's a great stress reliever and I get to hang with my friends. Stand Tall to me means having confidence and standing firm in who you are as a person."