Meet Taylor Cotter

+ What’s your favorite movie & song?
My favorite movie is Forest Gump! It had me at the edge of my seat, laughing,and crying all in the same sitting.
My favorite song is "Juicy" by The Notorious B.I.G.
+ What is your favorite things about yourself?
My favorite thing about myself is my ability to push through adversity!
+ What do you want to experience in this life?
I want to experience pure happiness and true genuine love. 
+ What is one of your favorite things about yourself?
One of my favorite things about me is the dimple on my right cheek!
+ What are some things or areas in your life that you STAND TALL for?
I will always stand tall for equality and freedom. 
+ What do you feel is your purpose?
I don't feel like I have found my purpose yet... I still have a long way to go. 
+ What are some of your daily practices to stay physically and mentally healthy?
 Some daily practices of health are meditation in the morning,
I also go on runs or walk afterwards to get my blood flowing!
+ What does good posture mean to you?
Good Posture to me not only enables balance and strength but confidence and courage. 
+ Do you think others you know can benefit from using IntelliSkin? Why?
I think people can benefit from IntelliSkin by using it to improve posture,
the way the clothes hug you forces you to stand tall and wear confidence. 
+ What does success mean to you when it comes to your whole life?
Success means being happy and content with the thing
you want to do in life. 
+ What did you learn about yourself over the last year?
I learned in order to do what you want there is no waiting, 
the time is always now. 
+ What did you think of IntelliSkin when you first tried it on?
I absolutely loved it, I felt the way it made me stand up and on top of that
made me feel strong and beautiful. 
+ How do you think IntelliSkin can help you?
I think IntelliSkin can help build a base of good habits, these little habits will
eventually make you batter.
+ What is most important to your future?
The most important thing is happiness and peace. 
+ What does Stand Tall mean to you? 
Stand Tall means to be confident, always tall in every
situation regardless of who is around.