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Healing Yourself With Movement: RockTape Founders Greg van den Dries & Steven Capobianco
Wellness Force Podcast Episode 144

IntelliSkin on Wellness Force Radio - Episode 144

This week on Wellness Force Radio we sit down with RockTape founders Greg van den Dries & Steven Capobianco as they explain how kinesiology tape and their various cutting-edge functional tools are helping us increase our physical and emotional intelligence as we begin to move and feel better.

Kinesiology taping has been a breakthrough technology for athletes, pro or everyday. Greg & Steven discuss the effects the taping has on the body, which was incorporated into our own technology.

“Through movement, mobility, and stability you can heal yourself.” – Steven Capobianco

A few important takeaways from today's show:

  • How to use kinesiology tape to improve mobility, prevent injury, and reduce pain
  • The way tape mimics a mothers touch and stimulates receptors that bring relief
  • How kinesiology tape can be applied as an active cure to assist with current injuries
  • How RockTape can be used to promote faster recovery from training and injury
  • Using functional taping for prevention based on your environmental requirements
  • How functional taping techniques can increase the longevity of athletes

Listen above and let us know what you think!

November 20, 2017 by Annamara Caughey

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