Ultima Bra


FEATURES: PostureCue™ Technology + CoolCue™ silver ion antimicrobial fabric
OCCASIONS: High intensity workout + Running + Cycling + Warmer weather

Meet your new cycling partner. The Ultima Bra is your go-to posture product for any high intensity activity. A high neckline plus 360 degree support from our patented PostureCue™ Technology keeps everything in place while you move. CoolCue™ fabric incorporates antimicrobial silver ion technology and naturally cooling jade stone fibers for utmost comfort and breathability. Our Ultima Bra is the most stylish posture bra on the market. FEEL BETTER, LOOK BETTER, PERFORM BETTER


+PostureCue™ Technology Provides consistent alignment feedback / Signals postural muscles to switch on / Strengthens underused muscles

  • High grade compression
  • 4-way stretch

+ CoolCue™ fabric Antimicrobial medical grade silver ion technology / Naturally cooling jade stone fiber 

  • UV 50+ protection

  • Moisture wicking / Breathable
  • Anti-odor / Anti-microbial



Veteran pro surfer Lisa knows all too well the effects from years of intensive travel and injuries. Lisa wears the IntelliSkin shirt. “Having good posture is vital to keep me living the surfing lifestyle.”

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