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Men's Hip Alignment 3/4 Tights


Optimize Your Lower Body Alignment and Performance

The IntelliSkin Men's 3/4 Length Hip Alignment Tights are designed to provide the most comprehensive lower body alignment system available. Featuring CoreCue® patented technology, these tights cue your hips and pelvis into proper alignment. The 4-point adjustable system activates underused muscles surrounding the knees and hips, while silicone spiral support panels align and reduce stress on these major joints. Regular use helps relieve pain, lowers injury risk, and speeds up recovery, creating healthier joints, greater mobility, stability, and strength. Whether you're an athlete or someone looking to improve your daily posture and health, this comfortable fitness wear is your perfect companion for a better, more comfortable, and pain-free life.


Workout Sessions: Ideal for all types of workouts including weightlifting, running, cycling, and HIIT classes, these leggings provide the necessary support to enhance performance and recovery. This fitness apparel for muscle support is essential for any athletic endeavor.

Sports Practices and Games: Suitable for sports like basketball, soccer, tennis, and other athletic activities, these leggings offer the support and alignment needed to excel in your sport. They are a key piece of athletic performance wear and sports recovery gear.

Outdoor Activities: Perfect for hiking, climbing, and other outdoor adventures, these leggings provide support and enhance posture. The compression clothing ensures you stay comfortable and aligned during all your outdoor activities.

Travel: Comfortable for long flights or road trips, these leggings help maintain good posture and reduce fatigue. The posture correction apparel is ideal for extended periods of sitting, ensuring you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed.

Daily Wear: Not just for athletes, these versatile leggings are perfect for anyone looking to improve their posture and overall health. Wear them during everyday activities to experience the benefits of better alignment, reduced muscle strain, and enhanced circulation. This health improvement apparel helps reduce muscle fatigue with compression clothing.


“I love putting on the Hip Alignment ¾ Tights when I am going out for a walk or sometimes lounging at home. The walking support has not only improved my knee and hip issues, but has also helped align my spine. It leaves me feeling better throughout the day.”

Key Features 

CoolCue® Fabric: Our compression clothing features antimicrobial, medical-grade fabric infused with silver ion technology. This innovative material eliminates bacteria, fungi, and certain viruses, providing continuous protection against harmful bacterial growth. Perfect for maintaining hygiene during intense activities.

PostureCue® Technology: This posture correction apparel activates and engages your postural muscles, delivering consistent alignment feedback to help maintain proper posture throughout the day. Ideal for anyone looking to improve posture with clothing, whether for athletic performance or daily wear.

High-Grade Compression: Provides superior compression to support muscles and improve circulation, enhancing performance and recovery. This fitness apparel for athletes is designed to offer the best compression shirts for athletes, aiding in muscle support and reducing muscle fatigue.

4-Way Stretch: Offers unrestricted movement and a perfect fit, adapting to your body’s every move for maximum flexibility and comfort. This feature ensures that our posture correction shirts for sports and daily wear provide the utmost comfort and mobility.

UV 50+ Protection: Blocks over 98% of harmful UV rays, providing excellent sun protection for your skin during outdoor activities. This athletic wear for enhanced performance ensures you are protected while engaging in outdoor adventures.

Moisture Wicking & Breathable: Effectively wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable, ensuring breathability even during intense activities. This is essential for fitness apparel for muscle support and injury recovery wear.

Anti-Odor & Antimicrobial: Combats odors and inhibits microbial growth, keeping your garment fresh and hygienic wear after wear. This health improvement apparel is designed for long-term use, making it comfortable fitness wear for daily activities.

Jade Stone Fiber: Crafted with ultimate comfort in mind, these naturally cooling fibers ensure exceptional breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable in any situation. This feature is perfect for sports recovery gear and rehabilitation clothing.

IntelliGrip® Thigh Panel: Hypoallergenic raised silicone thigh panels grip and activate CoreCue™ Technology by switching on underused, under-toned lower core muscles to help align the head of the femur towards the center of the hip joint. This alignment technology aids in reducing injury risk and speeding up recovery.

Spiral Power Design: Our products are designed to work with the natural movement patterns found in nature. When healthy, all of our joints move in spiral patterns, and IntelliSkin technology uses a design formula created by Mother Nature. This ensures that our injury recovery wear aligns with natural body movements.

Renew Prime Fabric: Optimal muscular compression power with bi-elastic eco-techno fabric made from 100% recycled materials. LYCRA XTRA LIFE ensures an ideal fit with high shape retention, providing the best compression clothing for back pain relief and muscle support.

Best Fit


“I have played sports and had an extremely active lifestyle including surfing, snowboarding, basketball, golf, soccer, and ice hockey. My body has had numerous injuries including a full hip replacement, neck fusion, and knee surgery.

While my replaced hip joint (left) has much better movement with the artificial joint, my right hip is extremely tight, painful, and limiting. I have trouble with flexibility including going from laying down to a standing position, which has made surfing much more challenging and painful.

Additionally, I have pain in my hip, back and neck from years of sitting at work-stations, driving in cars, and such. I believe golfing for 45 years, always right handed, has also added unbalanced stress on my hip and back.

I have been wearing the IntelliSkin Hip Alignment Tights for 2 weeks. I instantly noticed a difference in my mobility on the bad hip (right) and increased endurance in that area. I feel that getting my hips aligned correctly with the shorts has helped my back stress as it has better aligned my whole body.

I will continue to test the IntelliSkin Hip Alignment Tights in activities including the sports I still love to enjoy and in everyday life.”

James Lynch
Professional Surfer

I wear the Hip Alignment Shorts during games. The blood flow to my legs is amazing. I am not sore at all with my lower body. The difference is HUGE!! I could play twice the amount I am now because of them. Thank you again, your products are amazing! Max / Dana Point CA 

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