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Essential Bra


Enhance Your Posture and Comfort with the IntelliSkin Essential Bra

The IntelliSkin Women's Essential Bra, our top-selling Women’s product, is designed to correct and improve your posture by promoting better alignment. As soon as you put it on you feel it gently pulls your shoulders down and back, helping to prevent the aches and pains associated with poor posture. Improved breathing, and a boost in your confidence are also likely when wearing this bra. This posture correction apparel offers the health benefits of compression clothing and is perfect for athletes and everyday users alike. Whether you're an athlete or someone looking to improve your daily posture and health, this comfortable fitness wear is your perfect companion for a better, more comfortable, and pain-free life.


Office Wear: Transform your workday with the IntelliSkin Essential Bra. Wear it under your professional attire to promote better posture, reduce back pain from prolonged sitting, and boost your confidence during important meetings. The gentle compression also helps improve circulation, keeping you energized throughout the day.

Workout Sessions: Elevate your fitness routine with the IntelliSkin Essential Bra, ideal for all types of workouts including weightlifting, running, cycling, yoga, and HIIT classes. This bra can help you to enjoy superior support, enhanced performance, improved posture, and better blood flow with every move.

Daily Activities: From running errands to relaxing at home, the IntelliSkin Essential Bra offers all-day comfort and support. Feel the difference in your posture and overall well-being during everyday activities. The compression feature promotes healthy circulation, helping you stay alert and active.

Travel: Make your travel experience more comfortable with the IntelliSkin Essential Bra. Whether on a long flight or a road trip, it helps reduce strain, maintain good posture, and improve blood flow, ensuring you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and less fatigued.

Social Events: Look and feel your best at social gatherings. Wear the IntelliSkin Essential Bra under your favorite outfits to maintain great posture and enjoy the evening without discomfort. The added compression enhances circulation, keeping you comfortable and confident all night long.

Injury Recovery: Aid your recovery from injuries with the IntelliSkin Essential Bra. Designed to provide gentle support and improve posture, it reduces strain on your muscles and joints. The compression also aids in reducing swelling and enhancing blood flow, promoting faster healing and recovery.


+ Select size you would normally buy as a sports bra

+ Size down if you have a smaller rib cage/under bust

+ Size up if you have broad shoulders


“I wear the Essential Bra as an added layer of support while moving throughout my day. It keeps my back and shoulders aligned while at the gym or office.”

Key Features 

CoolCue® Fabric: Antimicrobial and medical-grade fabric infused with silver ion technology eliminates bacteria, fungi, and certain viruses, providing continuous protection against harmful bacterial growth.

PostureCue® Technology: Activates and engages your postural muscles, delivering consistent alignment feedback to help maintain proper posture throughout the day.

High-Grade Compression: Provides superior compression to support muscles and improve circulation, enhancing performance and recovery.

4-Way Stretch: Offers unrestricted movement and a perfect fit, adapting to your body’s every move for maximum flexibility and comfort.

UV 50+ Protection: Blocks over 98% of harmful UV rays, providing excellent sun protection for your skin during outdoor activities.

Moisture Wicking & Breathable: Effectively wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable, ensuring breathability even during intense activities.

Anti-Odor & Antimicrobial: Combats odors and inhibits microbial growth, keeping your garment fresh and hygienic wear after wear.

Jade Stone Fiber: Crafted with ultimate comfort in mind, these naturally cooling fibers ensure exceptional breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable in any situation.

Best Fit


+ Select size you would normally buy as a sports bra

+ Size down if you have a smaller rib cage/under bust

+ Size up if you have broad shoulders


"IntelliSkin has been such a game changer for me. As a nurse I work long hours and IntelliSkin has not only helped improve my posture, but has also helped to alleviate my chronic neck and back pain. I highly recommend it for anyone in healthcare in need of a little extra support!" 

LAUREN, BA, RSN, RN - Penn Presbyterian Medical Center Operating Room

“My 15-year-old has been in physical therapy for months for a kyphosis/lordosis diagnosis. Because she carries her backpack all day, every day, she has significant back pain, 7/10 on the pain scale daily. Her therapist recommended Intelliskin to help give her support. On the first full day of wearing the bra, she was on her feet for 10+ hours, first at her job, and then at taekwondo classes. The bra cut her pain IN HALF. Considering how much pain she's been in, that is a big deal. I'm so glad I splurged on this worthwhile product!” 

Rhonda / Irmo SC

Wear it daily, It helps my pickleball game! 🤩 

Valerie / Incline Village NV

Love these garments! My Chiro recommended these to me to wear at work as a nurse, they are so helpful with posture and my shoulders feel so much better! 

Beth / Oklahoma City, OK

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Quality not worth the cost

I have only had it a few months and the outter edges are fraying. Quality not worth the expensive cost.

Susan Palmer

Very comfortable and helps my posture

Robert Thames

Hard to get on and off

Cup sizes too small

I have several of these in two sizes. What I’ve found is that while they support the back and shoulders they do so at the expense of breast space.

Cheryl Landon

This product is amazing! Recommended by my pain specialist.
Look no further! I've searched months to find a suitable posture support that effective & comfortable! Expensive but worth it! Saving up for another!