Essential Bra


FEATURES: PostureCue™ Technology + CoolCue™ silver ion antimicrobial fabric
OCCASIONS: Computer work + Moderate exercise + Base layer support

Optimal alignment begins with awareness. Our Essential Bra is the only bra that supports your front with the strength of your back. PostureCue™ Technology signals posture muscles to switch on; resulting in better breathing, circulation, digestion and overall energy. CoolCue™ antimicrobial fabric incorporates silver ion technology and naturally cooling jade stone fibers for utmost comfort and breathability.


+PostureCue™ Technology Provides consistent alignment feedback / Signals postural muscles to switch on / Strengthens underused muscles

  • High grade compression
  • 4-way stretch

+ CoolCue™ fabric Antimicrobial medical grade silver ion technology / Naturally cooling jade stone fiber 

  • UV 50+ protection

  • Moisture wicking / Breathable
  • Anti-odor / Anti-microbial


Beach Volleyball Player

“I extensively trained in my IntelliSkin shirt for the Beijing Olympics. It forces me to square up to the ball, get low and get my legs under me — a solid foundation to pass, serve and optimize my technique.”

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