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Research into the cause of running injuries is increasingly pointing to a different culprit, one that many runners tend to overlook: the hips.

Testing found those who ended up with knee injuries ran with less hip control, meaning their hips collapsed towards the centre of their bodies with every stride. If your pelvis drops, your femur will collapse inward, which puts added pressure on your knee, which will eventually create pain.

If your hip muscles fail at their main job – to keep your pelvis balanced – adjoining muscles, such as your hamstrings and hip flexors, try to pick up the slack and steady you. And since they weren’t designed to bear this much force, they often crumble under the pressure. Other research has linked similar gait patterns with the flowing injuries. Hip flexor strains and tears, Achilles tendinitis, calf strains, iliotibial band syndrome, hamstring strains and even stress fractures.

IntelliSkin™ Hip Alignment Shorts are the first support system designed to correct Lower Cross Syndrome. They allow you to identify and correct hip-muscle imbalances on your own before you develop a full-blown injury. Along with proper hip-strength training the IntelliSkin™ Hip Alignment Shorts will activate hip, glute, and other core muscles that are probably not firing properly. Doing so will enable you to develop healthier movement patterns and reduce your potential for injury.

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