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Having full mobility in your hips allows you to move quickly and powerfully and is key to movement in all sports from a smooth, fluid running gait to the explosive power of an Olympic weight lifter. The hips are even key to the success of a baseball pitcher’s ability to throw with speed and accuracy. If you lack the range of motion in your hips then most likely your hip flexors are tight and overused and hip extensors are under used and not firing as well as they could be.


Your hips are designed to be mobile and flexible and this allows your lower back and knees and even ankles to maintain alignment in order to be healthy, fit and stable. No one has a right hip that moves exactly as their left hip and over time one side becomes noticeably more tight. The most common causes are sitting daily for hours, being right of left side dominant, and injuries. When your hips get tight they become less mobile which may make them susceptible to pain and injury.
One way to practically guarantee and predict your cause of back pain, hip pain, groin pain, and or knee pain is to have poor hip mobility!
Your body's overall movement patterns, gait, core strength, control, agility, power and endurance are dependent on how well your hips move and align the joints of the lower extremities.


IntelliSkin™ Hip Alignment Shorts are the first support system designed to correct Lower Cross Syndrome. The spiral shaped IntelliGrip™ core activating panels are designed to switch on your under used hip/core muscles to help align and center the joints of your lower back, pelvis, hips, knees and ankles to instantly help improve how well you move!
Good posture is not just for your upper body. Good posture means total body alignment! The IntelliSkin™ Hip Alignment Shorts allow you to help improve your lower body posture from the moment you put them on, improving the way you move and unlocking your full athletic potential. And you may avoid some injuries along the way!