Hip Alignment 3/4 Tights


FEATURES: CoreCue™ Technology + Intelligrip™ thigh panel + Mesh breathability
OCCASIONS: Athletic training + Lower body alignment + Injury prevention and recovery

Our patented, revolutionary Hip Alignment 3/4 Tights are designed to cue lower body muscles to improve hip and pelvic mobility and alignment. We've extended the surface area of the technology used in our shorts, achieving the world's most comprehensive lower body alignment system. Activating underused muscles surrounding the knees and hips, our proprietary silicon spiral support panels help to align and reduce stress on the structures of these major joints. Consistent muscle activation using the Hip Alignment 3/4 Tights creates healthy joints, greater mobility, stability, and strength.



+CoreCue™ Technology For lower body alignment

  • Intelligrip™ Thigh Panel Hypoallergenic raised silicone thigh panels activate underused, under-toned lower core muscles
  • Spiral Power Encourages inherent spiral pattern movement of healthy joints

James Lynch
Professional Surfer

I have played sports and had an extremely active lifestyle including surfing, snowboarding, basketball, golf, soccer, and ice hockey. My body has had numerous injuries including a full hip replacement, neck fusion, and knee surgery.

While my replaced hip joint (left) has much better movement with the artificial joint, my right hip is extremely tight, painful, and limiting. I have trouble with flexibility including going from laying down to a standing position, which has made surfing much more challenging and painful.

Additionally, I have pain in hip, back and neck from years of sitting at work-station, driving in car, and such. I believe golfing for 45 years, always right handed, has also added unbalanced stress on my hip and back.

I have been wearing the IntelliSkin Hip Alignment Tights for 2 weeks. I instantly noticed a difference in my mobility on the bad hip (right) and increase endurance in that area. I feel that getting my hips aligned correctly with the shorts has helped my back stress as it has better aligned my whole body.

I will continue to test the IntelliSkin Hip Alignment Tights in activities including the sports I still love to enjoy and in everyday life.

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