Hip Alignment 3/4 Tights


Improve Performance. Enhance Recovery. Prevent Injury.
Our patented, revolutionary HIP ALIGNMENT ¾ tights are designed to cue lower body muscles to improve hip and pelvic mobility. By lengthening the hip alignment technology used in our shorts, we have achieved the world’s only full lower body alignment system. Designed to improve movement and reduce injury, a proprietary silicon, spiral support system around the hip and knee activates the muscles on the inside and back inner side of the knee to better align and reduce stress on the structures of the knee joint, improves quality of lower body posture, and supports movement of the hip, knee, and ankle joints.

We recommend using the same method as our shorts to determine if these tights are right for you.

Now that you have identified your tight hip and set the IntelliGrip™ Panel, take a few steps forward. You should feel a gentle but noticeable turning inward of the leg on the side you adjusted. The hip realignment has begun. Your hips are returning to ideal mobility. As weak and underused lower core muscles active; your hips and pelvis will function better. Your body will need less energy to function more efficiently. This improved quality of movement ensures that you keep moving throughout your life. Consistent muscle activation using the Realignment Tights creates healthy joints, greater mobility, stability, and strength. Experience your true power.


Your hips are designed to be highly mobile but factors such as being either right or left side dominant, sitting daily for hours, and injuries cause your highly mobile hips to differ in mobility from side to side, decreasing the range of movement and increasing hip joint stress.

In fact you might not even feel discomfort in your hips, pain can often first occur in the back, groin, and/or knee. A simple test determines your tighter hip, which guides a simple adjustment to the IntelliGrip™ panel built into the tights.
As soon as you put the Hip Alignment Tights on you will feel the difference. The spiral panel on each leg activates all your hip joint muscles, whereas before only certain muscles were firing.

More muscles switched on means less stress on your joints, greater mobility, stability, and strength. IntelliSkin Hip Alignment Tights create better energy efficiency – better function with less fatigue.
CORECUE™ TECHNOLOGY Designed to enhance quality of movement and performance by improving pelvic and hip mobility and lower body alignment while at rest and in motion.
RENEW PRIME FABRIC A green, bi-elastic techno-fabric, made with 100% recycled materials. LYCRA XTRA LIFE ensures a perfect fit and high shape retention over time, in addition to correct muscular compression and excellent power

INTELLIGRIP™ THIGH PANEL Hypoallergenic raised silicone thigh panels grip and activate CoreCue™ Technology by switching on under used, under toned lower core muscles to help align head of femur (ball at top of thigh bone) towards the center of the hip joint.
SOFT POWER MESH PANELS Located on the front, side, and inseam offer zoned ventilation to keep you cool
+ FLATLOCK SEAMS Lay smooth against skin for a smooth feel

SPIRAL POWER our products are designed to work with the natural movement patterns found in nature. When healthy, All of our joints move in spiral patterns and IntelliSkin™ technology uses a design formula created by the ultimate designer...Mother Nature!
I have played sports and had an extremely active lifestyle including surfing, snowboarding, basketball, golf, soccer, and ice hockey. My body has had numerous injuries including a full hip replacement, neck fusion, and knee surgery.

While my replaced hip joint (left) has much better movement with the artificial joint, my right hip is extremely tight, painful, and limiting. I have trouble with flexibility including going from laying down to a standing position, which has made surfing much more challenging and painful.

Additionally, I have pain in hip, back and neck from years of sitting at work-station, driving in car, and such. I believe golfing for 45 years, always right handed, has also added unbalanced stress on my hip and back.

I have been wearing the Intelliskin Hip Alignment Tights for 2 weeks. I instantly noticed a difference in my mobility on the bad hip (right) and increase endurance in that area. I feel that getting my hips aligned correctly with the Shorts has helped my back stress as it has better aligned my whole body.

I will continue to test the Intelliskin Hip Alignment Tights in activities including the sports I still love to enjoy and in everyday life.

James Lynch

James Lynch is now able to surf without pain in his new Intelliskin Hip Alignment gear!

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IntelliSkin™ Hip Alignment!

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