Foundation Pro Series


The Foundation Pro Series is your best kept secret. We took everything you love about the Foundation Tee and camouflaged the logos and colorways so you can STAND TALL discreetly. This is our most highly requested style by professional athletes for game day. The perfect posture shirt whether you’re a pro or want to perform like one. STAND TALL in our Stealth Wear.
+STEALTHWEAR No flashy logos allow pros or the everyday wearer to stealthily wear this tee under other garments.
+SMART COMPRESSION Our lightest weight technical fabric adjusts posture and strengthens core muscles like an Intelligent Second Skin. 

POSTURECUE™ TECHNOLOGY Signals posture and upper core muscles to switch on and align your shoulders, spine, and trunk.
CoolCue Fabric with 4-way stretch
+ UV 50+ protection / Moisture wicking / Anti-odor / Anti-microbial

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