Control Tights


FEATURES: PostureCue™ Technology + CoolJade  fabric
OCCASIONS: Running + Hiking + Athletic performance

The creators of IntelliSkin, took it upon themselves to create the perfect tights for women. Our Control Tights adjust in all the right places. Featuring a high waistband with added stomach control, side leg control panels, thigh separating panels, and specially engineered seams that lift the butt. Our CoolJade™ fabric allows for maximum cooling and sweat-wicking so you can feel your best while hitting the studio or gym.

The Control Tights are the ultimate in compression wear with built in panels that keep everything right and tight while you’re on the move. These tights work as hard as you do. Feel your best at work, on the town, or in the gym.


+ CoolJade™ Fabric
CoolJade™ is fabric made from recycled jade stone cools the skin. 

 + Technical Fabric 
Our RenewPrime fabric is made from 100% recycled material, form-fitting and always comfortable. Antimicrobial.
one grip activates CoreCue™ Technology and stimulates the muscles that keep the hips aligned. 

+ Intelligent Second Skin
The principles of anatomy combined with high quality compression. Our technical fabric readjusts your posture and strengthens your core muscles like an Intelligent Second Skin.

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