The Daily Tee


FEATURES: Moderate PostureCue™ Technology + Undershirt + Lightest weight + High Breathability
OCCASIONS: Computer work + Walking + Jogging + Travel + Warmer conditions

Comfort meets technology in our newest IntelliSkin Daily tee. For everyday wear, our lightest weight tee features PostureCue™ Technology to instantly improve alignment, increase circulation, and oxygenate your body. Easy to wear as a base layer for all-day posture enhancement and health benefits. It's the posture tee you want to wear to STAND TALL all day.


+PostureCue™ Technology Provides consistent alignment feedback / Signals postural muscles to switch on / Strengthens underused muscles

  • High grade compression
  • 4-way stretch

+ Ultra-lightweight fabric Antimicrobial medical grade silver ion technology / Naturally cooling jade stone fiber


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