Foundation Tee


FEATURES: PostureCue™ Technology + CoolCue™ silver ion antimicrobial fabric
OCCASIONS: Computer work + Uniform base layer + Jogging + Travel + Warmer conditions

Build a strong alignment base with our original postural assist tee. The Foundation Tee highlights your silhouette and is perfect on its own or as a base layer for work, whether in an office or more active setting such as under medical scrubs. PostureCue™ Technology helps to relax overworked muscles and activate dormant, over-stretched muscles to protect your back and spine. Our CoolCue™ fabric incorporates antimicrobial silver ion technology and naturally cooling jade stone fibers for utmost comfort and breathability.


+PostureCue™ Technology Provides consistent alignment feedback / Signals postural muscles to switch on / Strengthens underused muscles

  • High grade compression
  • 4-way stretch

+ CoolCue™ fabric Antimicrobial medical grade silver ion technology / Naturally cooling jade stone fiber 

  • UV 50+ protection

  • Moisture wicking / Breathable
  • Anti-odor / Anti-microbial
  • Hypoallergenic
silicone elastic shirt hem and specialized slim sleeve cuffs engineered  for anti-migration


Chiropractor, Posture Specialist

“I fractured my back in 2 places last year. I tried 4 different IntelliSkin shirts (Foundation Long Sleeve, Foundation V-Tee Short Sleeve, Men's Essential Tee, and Cuelite Tee) and found them all to be incredibly supportive, giving me great feedback on my posture, and promoting an upright position. Whilst wearing the compression tees (Foundation and V-Tee particularly), I could feel a warming healing type sensation in the area of tightness in my back, and them gently correcting the position of my left shoulder. Overall well supported throughout the day, with a sense of ease and mobility through the trunk. I'm very impressed with IntelliSkin's technology, a great addition to your health and well-being. Their customer service, speed of delivery, and professional packaging was top quality. Highly recommended.”

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