Essential Tee


Brand White
We’ve updated our best-selling TravelPro™ Tee to bring you the all-new Essential Tee. Our lightest weight undershirt comfortably increases circulation and oxygen to your body. Instantly improve your posture the moment you put it on. You’ll feel energized and refreshed throughout your day. Replace your old cotton tee with our Essential Tee with PostureCue™ Technology to instantly look better, feel better, and perform better.
+PostureCue™ Technology Signals posture and upper core muscles to switch on and align your shoulders, spine and trunk.
+SMART COMPRESSION Our lightest weight technical fabric adjusts posture and strengthens core muscles like an Intelligent Second Skin.

+Ultra-lightweight Italian Nylon/Elastane fabric blend for all day comfortable compression.

+STAND TALL Our motto is our function. High-performance gear built to keep you standing tall.
+ 4-way stretch / Moisture wicking

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