Foundation Crew




IntelliSkin Trains Your Underused Muscles and Relaxes Your Overused Muscles
The Foundation Crew Tee has maximum performance and therapeutic benefits. Ideal for anyone who is seeking the strongest posture improvement and support. It is especially beneficial when worn for overhead sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and volleyball. STAND TALL
Posture is where our movements start and finish. Good posture is simply the position and alignment that allows the body to perform at its best. A 2004 study by the American Medical Athletic Association concluded that athletes who want to optimize their performance should focus on their posture. Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. James Andrews of the Andrews Institute also conducted a study that showed the IntelliSkin shirt improved the performance of baseball pitchers while helping to protect them from injury. As a result, most MLB teams now buy IntelliSkin for their players.
+Maximum PostureCue™
+Lycra Sports™ approved fabric 
+Sports mesh posture panels provide improved breathability and posture support
+Posture-specific core compression for instant alignment and slimming fit
+Ergonomic seams and stretch panels let you move naturally
+4-way stretch for added comfort
+UV 50+ protection
+Moisture wicking
+Machine wash cold, hang dry

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