How does the IntelliSkin shirt/sports bra work?

The IntelliSkin posture apparel is designed to stimulate muscle memory and improve postural awareness by maintaining improved alignment and balance. Our skin provides our contact with the outside world. Depending on the location, there are 20,000 to 80,000 nerve receptors per square inch of skin that allow us to instantly sense and react to such stimuli as pressure, touch, stretch and temperature.

These nerve endings to send specific cues to the brain, which cause your tight muscles to relax and the opposing under-used muscles to simultaneously contract and tone.

The IntelliSkin posture apparel helps create a constant flow of information back and forth from the nerve receptors in the skin to the brain provide subconscious “coaching,” instructing muscles to work together, function and protect more efficiently, which simultaneously helps to improve performance, reduce injury and improve recovery.

What size IntelliSkin shirt/sports bra should I wear?

An easy way to determine the size of your IntelliSkin posture shirt or sports bra is to select the same size as your t-shirt. If you have particularly broad shoulders, you may need to size up. To be more precise, please review our sizing chart on the product page.

The length of the shirt is specific to covering the upper and middle core muscles (lower core extends to the knees). The shirt should go over and end at the line between buttocks and hamstrings, and just below the hip joint on the sides, to compress and support front-to-back and side-to-side — 360 degrees of support and stimulation.

When should I wear the IntelliSkin shirt/sports bra?

Anytime! Working, working out, recovery from working out, rehab, traveling or any other activity of daily life. We can always benefit from having good posture.

How long should I wear my IntelliSkin shirt/sports bra?

The IntelliSkin posture shirt is a workout you wear. With that said, everyone’s posture fitness is different. As a general rule, try wearing your shirt for an hour or two, using the signal of muscle fatigue in the upper back as a sign you have worn it long enough to gain an initial posture fitness benefit. As you become more posture fit, you will want to increase the duration of use. This gradual progression allows your body to make a smooth transition towards maintaining and holding optimal posture for longer periods of time.

What is the difference between shirt styles?

The Foundation and Eve styles are the cornerstone shirts, designed for men and women, respectively. The Foundation, with a crew neck, and Eve, with a slight v-neck, are the most therapeutic posture shirts, with regard to aggressively cueing the muscles responsible for balanced posture.

The sleeveless Tank is more athletic in styling, with the lack of sleeves causing a slight reduction in the cueing of external rotators and the shoulders.

The Essential Tee is made from a lighter fabric, which is also somewhat less aggressive in the cueing of muscles, but was designed as a replacement to the everyday t-shirt, with the benefits of PostureCue technology.

The Empower Sports Bra is the first bra to support your front from your back by providing a gentle cueing of your postural muscles.

The Zipper Collection takes the Foundation, Eve and Empower Sports Bra and adds a full-length zipper to aid in getting in and out of the garment. It is also made from Cool Jade fabric, which lowers the skin temperature 4-6 degrees.

The Long Sleeve Collection takes the Foundation and Eve and provides gradient compression in a long sleeved style with an engineered thumbhole. It is made from Cool Jade fabric, which lowers the skin temperature 4-6 degrees. The Long Sleeve Eve comes with a crew neck and also is designed with a stylish lingerie mesh in the back panels.

When will I see improvements in my posture?

From the first time you put on the IntelliSkin posture shirt, you will notice an improvement in your posture and the shape of your body. However, you should be patient, as your body needs time to adapt to holding the improved posture. Muscle memory is created simply by wearing the IntelliSkin apparel and performing regular activities, training or traveling, so your new posture will be reinforced by frequent usage. The movements you perform the most throughout the course of a normal day will have the biggest bearing on how quickly muscle memory is created. Considering these factors, physical changes will be most noticeable after wearing the IntelliSkin shirt daily for 60-90 days.

Is there anyone who should not wear the IntelliSkin shirt?

People with serious medical conditions or physical limitations should consult a physician before using the IntelliSkin posture shirt.

How tight should the IntelliSkin shirt be?

The IntelliSkin posture shirt is a form-fitting garment and is designed to conform to your body like a second skin. It should be tight to the body, but not uncomfortable. If the shirt pinches under your arm, then it is too small. If the shirt has excess fabric bunched in front of your shoulders, then it is too big.

How do I care for my IntelliSkin shirt/sports bra?

Machine wash the garments in the Gentle cycle, using cold water, and hang dry.

How long will my IntelliSkin shirt/sports bra last?

It depends on how often you wear your IntelliSkin posture garment and how you care for it. As with any garment, it will eventually show signs of wear based on your level of use. One big key to the longevity of your garment is to keep it out of the dryer.

How is the IntelliSkin shirt different from a brace?

The IntelliSkin posture shirt is not a brace; it retrains your body to align and support itself more functionally by re-educating weak, imbalanced, dysfunctional muscles to function at a higher level of efficiency. Braces and support systems mechanically restrict the body by focusing on wrapping and limiting function. They weaken the muscles over a period of time by making the body dependent on external mechanical support.

Does IntelliSkin come in youth sizes?

IntelliSkin does not currently offer product in youth sizes. In men’s sizing, we offer an XS, which will fit a person 110-140 pounds. In women’s sizing, we offer an XS, which will fit a person 90-110 pounds.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Orders shipped within the Continental US are sent via UPS Ground and normally take 5-7 business days from the time your order is processed in our distribution center.

What is your return policy?

IntelliSkin wants you to be fully satisfied with every item you purchase. We guarantee our merchandise to be free of manufacturing defects and will accept any defective item for full refund or exchange. We offer a 30-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for items that are returned to us in perfect, resalable condition with original packaging and tags attached.