Josh Johnson

Miami Marlins Pitcher

“During my rehabilitation and now as part of my daily training, the IntelliSkin shirt helps me with Tall Man Syndrome and improves my posture. The shirt keeps things more aligned and my shoulder in the right spot.”

Pat Helma

Chiropractor, FL

“These products have helped many of my patients. Dental hygienists and ER nurses seem to appreciate the product the most. There are other products out there, but they all pale in comparison to IntelliSkin.”

Mary Wilkinson

Director of Marketing, IN

“Love this product! I wear it not only for workouts but often for daily wear. I work at a computer, sometimes for many hours, and the Empower PostureCue Sports Bra keeps my posture in line.”

Chad & Jasmene Jarrett

Jarrett Orthopedic Rehabilitation

“We have been working with Dr. Tim Brown since the late 90’s and have witnessed the progression of IntelliSkin and how its use can be a vital factor in the road to recovery in various orthopedic conditions.”

Mark McConnaughay

Chicago, IL

“I wore it under a work shirt, and while I was sitting at my desk during the day, I was actually feeling chiropractic adjustments to the small bones under my scapulae!”

Joe Donohue, Owner

Pro Sport Physical Therapy, CA

“Posture is key! We use the IntelliSkin products on a daily basis; it’s efficient and it works. Anything we do during a treatment session can be reinforced throughout the day when you wear IntelliSkin; it’s a great product!”

William Swisher

Camarillo, CA

“23 years as a police officer carrying 30 lbs. of gear around my waist has taken it’s toll on my back and shoulders. The IntelliSkin shirt has made a world of difference...relieving back and shoulder pain!”

Cory Arbiso

NY Yankees Pitcher

“I wear this Foundation shirt during competition and a couple hours after. I feel aligned and also helps my recovery the next day.”

Dale Van Dyke

Milwaukee, WI

“I have a chronic low-back problem. I purchased the IntelliSkin Foundation shirt for use in bicycling, golf, workouts, and for general support for my back. I have found the support I need through proper posture.”

Laura Wolfgang

Nurse Practitioner

“Loved the effect of the top — did exactly as it is supposed to. I’d like to wear this daily at work to remind me to sit erect and would like to recommend this to my patients!”

Stephanie Jenkins Turner

Hairstylist, Hermosa Beach, CA

“The repetitive movements I do all day have given me Thoracic Outlet Syndrome...painful! But not any more. I am so happy to be able to wear my IntelliSkin shirt and work my long days now without pain.”

Donna Odle

Police Officer and Runner, Santa Clarita, CA

“I Love IntelliSkin! I’m a Police Officer and have suffered from back and neck pain for years, due to poor posture. After wearing IntelliSkin Bra for one day, the pain in my back and neck was GONE!”

Nicole Jeremy DiMartino

Chicago, IL

“Whether practicing yoga, working out, hiking, or just running after my kids, I notice that I stand taller while wearing my IntelliSkin apparel.”

Amy Dougherty, PT

Clinic Owner, Kitty Hawk, NC

“Another wonderful garment. Presently have two golf pros and a baseball player wearing daily. All three have better awareness of maintaining their scapulae in the retracted / depressed posture. Success!”

Tim Sullivan

New York, NY

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but honestly, I am thrilled. I wear this when I work at events where I need to stand for a long time. I found the videos on how to put on / take off the shirt VERY helpful.”

Jackie Fitzgerald

Student, Orlando, FL

“I ordered the Sports Bra after spending years searching for something to help relieve my upper back and shoulder strain in front of the computer. In only a short month I can already feel a huge difference.”

Jim Adams

Executive, San Diego

“I’ve had a severe pain in my left shoulder for over 3 years. My pain started going away almost immediately when I put the shirt on. I typically work 8 hours behind a computer and have for over a decade.”

Byran Durnin


“Takes my head forward / raised shoulder posture and erases it when I wear the shirt. Also allows me to feel what correct posture feels like, so when not wearing the shirt, I know when I’m standing straight.”